The Down Low Project


Bringing together trombonist Peter Filice, bassist Kessler Douglas, pianist Zack Lim, and drummer Eric Zeller, The Down Low Project is an energetic Edmonton-Based jazz quartet. Collectively, the group enjoys coming up with inventive approaches to improvisation, and creating unique interpretations of classic standards. They also sport a variety of original music, ranging from easy-listening ballads, to intense and driving contemporary pieces, to groove-based hip hop inspired fusion. Although originally conceptualized as a duo by Peter Filice and Kessler Douglas (who, both playing instruments of the lower register, coined the groups name), each one of the group's four members adds an integral texture to their sound, in the aim of providing listeners with a captivating and well-rounded performance.

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Peter Filice


Kessler Douglas


Zack Lim


Eric Zeller



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